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New Innovative Medical Tech Website Showcases Patient Wearable Sensor by Leaf Healthcare
Leaf's wireless monitor can help clinicians prevent costly, life-threatening pressure ulcers.

Pleasanton, Calif. (February 10, 2015) — A new website devoted to transformative personal medical technology features a founder of Leaf Healthcare in its inaugural digital summits that showcase video presentations about new technology that can revolutionize medical care.

PersonalTechMD.com, a new site by Informa Exhibitions LLC, is devoted to wearable, implantable and digestible technologies being used to change how physicians care for their patients. Its digital summits feature presentations that can help clinicians improve the quality of care.

One inaugural presentation, "Wearable Technology: Solutions in the Hospital Environment," features Leaf founder Barrett Larson, a Stanford University School of Medicine-trained physician, entrepreneur and innovator.

His video demonstrates how wireless technology can help medical professionals prevent pressure ulcers, a hospital-acquired condition that affects more than 1 million Americans each year, adds more than $9 billion to annual healthcare spending and kills up to 60,000 worldwide. Studies show the Leaf Patient Monitoring System described in the presentation dramatically increases compliance with pressure ulcer prevention protocols.

"We're pleased Leaf's co-founder was able to provide valuable data. Our first digital summit reflects the mission of our site because it shares cutting edge information that can help clinicians dramatically improve patient outcomes," said Kasia Mure, managing editor, PersonalTechMD. "Our mission is to educate everyone from physicians to patients by presenting videos, articles, journals and more by focusing on all things wearable, implantable and digestible."

Wireless medical technology is only starting to get used in clinical settings. PersonalTechMD is geared toward a wide group of viewers, including physicians, regulators and patients.

Studies have shown the Leaf system dramatically improves compliance with institutional turn protocols, the standard of care to prevent pressure ulcers. At-risk patients must be turned and repositioned on a regular schedule to alleviate pressure that slows blood flow to susceptible parts of the body, leading to the formation of pressure ulcers. Leaf's lightweight, wireless, wearable sensor tracks patient movements and notifies clinicians when patients must be turned. It can also be used to verify whether a turn has been effective.

Leaf monitors are being used in hospitals and long-term care facilities.

The Leaf system is comprised of a small, lightweight, wearable sensor that electronically monitors a patient's position and movements. Data collected by the sensor is communicated wirelessly to central monitoring stations or mobile devices so that caregivers can check on patient position and movement. The system provides alerts when necessary to ensure that all patients wearing a Leaf Sensor are repositioned according to their prescribed turning schedules to reduce incidence of pressure ulcers. The device has been cleared for sale by FDA 510(k).

Institution-acquired pressure ulcers are a leading threat to modern quality healthcare. The condition is both excruciatingly painful for patients and costly for providers since it is considered preventable and, therefore, does not qualify for reimbursement by government and other payers.

About Leaf Healthcare, Inc.

Leaf Healthcare is a medical technology company dedicated to preventing hospital-acquired pressure injuries/ulcers and other immobility-related complications, which are some of the most common and costly hospital-acquired conditions. Several studies have shown that the FDA-cleared Leaf Patient Monitoring System is a powerful tool that reduces hospital-acquired pressure injuries/ulcers, allows providers to prioritize care, and helps provide a safer environment for patients. The Leaf System is available through Leaf Healthcare and Smith & Nephew.

To learn more, visit www.leafhealthcare.com.

Media Contact:

Mark Smith
Vice President
Leaf Healthcare, Inc.