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Leaf Healthcare Named One of 'Top 50 Companies to Watch in 2018' by Insights Success Magazine
The publication writes that the unique Leaf Patient Monitoring System has been proven to prevent pressure injuries and mobility related health problems.

Pleasanton, Calif. (May 30, 2018) — Leaf Healthcare has been named one of the "Top 50 Companies to Watch in 2018" by Insights Success Magazine. The recognition was announced in the magazine's May issue, which cited the innovative Leaf Patient Monitoring System in its article on the company.

The magazine reported that Leaf offers the "only comprehensive, wireless mobility monitoring system to prevent costly and life-threatening complications of patient immobility," such as pressure injuries, pneumonia and deep vein thrombosis.

"The Leaf System is the first wireless technology that continuously and precisely monitors patient movement and determines whether the patient has moved sufficiently to prevent pressure injuries," the article reports. "A large, randomized-controlled study involving the technology was recently published which demonstrated that patients using the Leaf System are 73% less likely to develop a pressure injury."

Insights Success focuses on emerging and fast-growing companies. The publication publishes a "Top 50" list every year.

"Our mission is to raise awareness of innovative companies like Leaf Healthcare, which is blazing new trails in healthcare technology," said Suhel Mashayak, managing editor of Insights Success. "Leaf is a company to watch because it is finding innovative ways to address common and costly medical conditions."

The Leaf System is the first FDA-cleared medical technology that continuously monitors the activity and position of patients in order to help identify patients that could benefit from repositioning. Studies have shown that patients protected by Leaf are much less likely to develop pressure injuries, one of the nation's most common facility-acquired conditions, affecting more than 2.5 million patients a year, and adding $11 billion to the annual U.S. healthcare costs.

The innovative Leaf System tracks patient movement and activity in bed-bound, chair-bound, and ambulatory patients. Several studies have shown the Leaf System improves patient turning and mobility, reduces pressure injury rates, helps nurses prioritize patient care, improves unit workflow, and saves hospitals non-reimbursed costs associated with the treatment of pressure injuries, as well as rental bed costs.

Leaf has been recognized several times for its innovative products. In 2017, it was honored as one of the "10 Most Promising Patient Monitoring Solutions" by Healthcare Tech Outlook. In 2016, Leaf was presented Frost & Sullivan's New Product Innovation Award.

About Leaf Healthcare, Inc.

Leaf Healthcare is a medical technology company dedicated to preventing hospital-acquired pressure injuries/ulcers and other immobility-related complications, which are some of the most common and costly hospital-acquired conditions. Several studies have shown that the FDA-cleared Leaf Patient Monitoring System is a powerful tool that reduces hospital-acquired pressure injuries/ulcers, allows providers to prioritize care, and helps provide a safer environment for patients. The Leaf System is available through Leaf Healthcare and Smith & Nephew.

To learn more, visit www.leafhealthcare.com.

Media Contact:

Mark Smith
Vice President
Leaf Healthcare, Inc.