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The High Cost of Hospital Acquired Conditions
The cost of potentially preventable complications represents $88 billion in avoidable expenses for the United States healthcare system.1
Pressure injuries cost the US healthcare system an estimated $9.1-$11.6 billion annually according to the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ).2
Patients who develop HACs are 20-33% more likely to incur costly readmissions to the hospital within 30 days of their discharge.3
Costs related to pressure injuries are greater than meets the eye and place a
substantial financial risk and burden on hospitals. Pressure injuries also have
a significant impact on patient satisfaction, morbidity, mortality, and quality
of life. By preventing pressure injuries, hospitals can save significant costs,
improve performance metrics, and improve overall outcomes for their patients.
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Maximizing the effectiveness of inpatient mobility programs has been proven to reduce hospital-acquired conditions, which prolong hospital stays and contribute to costly readmissions. Leaf technology helps hospitals effectively manage mobility programs so that patients may leave the hospital faster, healthier and less likely to require readmission.
No Capital Investment
Leaf's flexible purchase plans can allow for system implementation without any capital expenditures, installation charges, clinical and technical support charges or term commitment. With no upfront investment or commitment, the Leaf Patient Monitoring System is an easy, cost effective enhancement to patient mobility programs and pressure injury prevention efforts.