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Positive ROI on Day 1.
The High Cost of HACs
Studies show that preventable hospital-acquired conditions are inflating the cost of care and needlessly extending hospital stays. Patients who develop HACs are 20 percent - 33 percent more likely to incur costly readmissions to the hospital within 30 days of their discharge. The cost of potentially preventable complications represents $88 billion in avoidable expenses for the United States healthcare system.
No Capital Investment
Leaf's flexible purchase plans can allow for system implementation without any capital expenditures, installation charges, clinical and technical support charges or term commitment. With no upfront investment or commitment, the Leaf Patient Monitoring System is an easy, cost effective enhancement to patient mobility programs and pressure ulcer prevention efforts.
Immediate Savings
Decreasing the incidence of HACs can lead to immediate cost savings. The Leaf Patient Monitoring System allows care providers to reliably monitor a patient's current mobility status and overall progress toward mobility goals. Effective coordination of patient mobility protocols streamlines workflow, improves staff efficiency and patients will leave the hospital faster, healthier, and far less likely to require readmission.
Calculate Your Potential Savings
Hospital HAPU Reduction Savings Example
A small reduction in pressure ulcer incidence can dramatically reduce costs. As an example of potential savings, consider a 300-bed hospital with 15,000 annual admissions, a HAPU rate of 3.5%, and an average incremental treatment cost of $8,700 per ulcer. A reduction in HAPU incidence by just 1 percentage point (3.5% to 2.5%) results in potential savings of $1,305,000 per year. Calculate your own potential savings below.
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The figures and calculations herein are estimates made for informational purposes only, and are not intended to be a commitment, guarantee or warranty from Leaf Healthcare. For a more detailed assessment of the potential for your particular facility, contact us.