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The effects of immobility extend beyond pressure injuries
Body diagram.
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Pressure Ulcers / Injuries
Frequent repositioning is the cornerstone of any pressure injury prevention program. Leaf has been clinically proven to improve patient mobility and reduce pressure injury rates.
Monitors and records patient position (including upright angle) and notifies staff when interventions are needed to achieve higher levels of adherence to turn protocols.
Automatically tracks time spent seated, monitors pressure distribution, and notifies staff when repositioning is necessary to ensure optimal pressure offloading while seated.
Recognizes, records, and optionally alerts staff when patients get out of bed. Leaf automatically suspends prescribed turn protocols until patient is back in a bed or chair.
Monitors and documents the improvements in a patient's mobility level over the course of a hospitalization to help validate appropriate discharge.
Everyone Benefits
The small, lightweight, and waterproof Leaf Sensor is virtually unnoticed after application. Patients and family members recognize the benefits provided by the Leaf system and appreciate the hospital's focus on ensuring high-quality care. The Leaf system can be used as a tool to empower and encourage patients to reach their mobility goals, which in turn can improve outcomes and patient satisfaction.
Physical Therapists
The Leaf Sensor reliably, automatically, and continuously monitors the activity of patients. From the Leaf dashboard, easily review when a patient ambulated, and how many steps a patient has taken. Use mobility documentation to help assess suitability for discharge and determine appropriate discharge disposition.
IT Managers
The Leaf Patient Monitoring System's plug-and-play network avoids complex and costly installations, and does not interfere with other wireless systems or impact existing Wi-Fi bandwidth. While not necessary to function properly, if desired Leaf is capable of interfacing with existing ADT and EMR systems. Leaf installs, monitors and maintains the system with 24/7 technical support, all at no charge.
Financial Managers
Patient immobility is linked to a number of costly patient complications and prolonged hospital stays. The Leaf system allows effective management of patient mobility programs to maximize therapeutic and financial outcomes. Using Leaf does not require any capital or other upfront expenditures. Reducing length-of-stay and preventing hospital-acquired conditions can provide financial benefits from Day 1.
Nursing Managers
Automated reports at the patient, unit, and facility level provide actionable data to identify gaps in care and sustain higher levels of adherence to prescribed mobility programs. Daily Leaf reports help administrators drive adherence to mobility protocols, identify training opportunities, track performance, and have even been used to optimize staffing levels.
Clinical Staff
The Leaf system has been shown to increase nursing efficiency by accounting for patient self-turns and movement that would otherwise go un-documented. Leaf's product and hands-on Turn Academy TM training are provided to customers for all staff on all shifts and available ongoing for new hires and refresher education. The Leaf system is also capable of automatically documenting positioning/mobility metrics in the EMR, thereby off-loading a documentation burden.