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Former Assistant Secretary of the Army Joins Leaf Healthcare Advisory Board
Thomas R. Lamont will counsel company on strategy, business and government affairs.

Pleasanton, Calif. (September 17, 2014) — Thomas R. Lamont, former Assistant Secretary of the Army who oversaw 1.4 million U.S. Army military and civilian employees, has become a member of the Leaf Healthcare, Inc., advisory board.

Lamont, who has spent more than 35 years managing legal, public and private sector organizations involving complex, multi-billion dollar infrastructure, will counsel company executives on matters of strategy and government affairs. He also brings the personal perspective of someone whose son suffered from pressure ulcers.

"We are extremely fortunate that Tom is sharing his experience with us," said Mark V. Weckwerth, Leaf's chief executive officer. "He understands the needs of complex organizations, as well as the patient pain and complications that result from pressure ulcers. His insight will help Leaf better meet the needs of both provider organizations and patients."

Lamont has significant experience with medical providers. He spent 11 years as a trustee and, later, special counsel to the University of Illinois, a leading research institution, which operates a significant medical school and teaching hospital. As assistant secretary, he oversaw the Army's Medical Command and its treatment facilities, which provide approximately 70 percent of all U.S. Department of Defense medical care, and he worked closely with the combined defense services medical school.

"I have been aware of the challenges to patient comfort that pressure ulcers pose since our youngest son was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Pressure ulcers can undermine the best medical care," Lamont said. "Our son became very frail. It wrecks you to see a healthy, active child become debilitated from cancer and to see the added pain that he went through because of pressure ulcers — and realize we were powerless to do anything about it."

Leaf is currently organizing its advisory board to counsel the company's executive team on strategic and other issues. The board will be an independent, multi-functional expert panel to create synergy and unique insight to inform the company's strategy and product development.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reports that pressure ulcers affect more than 2.5 million U.S. patients annually and extend their hospital stays. Globally, they contribute to 60,000 deaths a year. Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers are a leading threat to quality, modern healthcare. The department estimates that pressure ulcers cost the nation's healthcare system more than $11 billion a year.

The Leaf system is comprised of a small, lightweight, wearable sensor that electronically monitors a patient's position and movements. Data collected by the sensor is communicated wirelessly to central monitoring stations or mobile devices so that caregivers can check on patient position and movement.

The system provides alerts when necessary to ensure that all patients wearing a Leaf Sensor are repositioned according to their prescribed turning schedules to reduce incidence of pressure ulcers. The device has been cleared for sale by FDA 510(k).

About Leaf Healthcare, Inc.

Leaf Healthcare is a medical technology company dedicated to preventing hospital-acquired pressure injuries/ulcers and other immobility-related complications, which are some of the most common and costly hospital-acquired conditions. Several studies have shown that the FDA-cleared Leaf Patient Monitoring System is a powerful tool that reduces hospital-acquired pressure injuries/ulcers, allows providers to prioritize care, and helps provide a safer environment for patients. The Leaf System is available through Leaf Healthcare and Smith & Nephew.

To learn more, visit www.leafhealthcare.com.

Media Contact:

Mark Smith
Vice President
Leaf Healthcare, Inc.